Body sculpturing: gluteopexy

Autologous augmentation gluteoplasty


Claudio Bernardi, MD

Plastic surgery,



The anatomical features that make the buttocks attractive are: adequate volume, projection and well-defined  gluteal folds. Any improvement that we want to realize with our treatments of aesthetic surgery should be adressed to such gools.


When adipose tissue is present, gluteal lipofilling can be used with the objective both of volumetric increase and of tissue tonicity improvement. The author presents some clinical cases of lipostructure of the gluteal region,  focusing  some details of the technique and its evolution over time.

In patients with significant weight reduction, the gluteal region is characterized by one conspicuous loss of adipose tissue and excess skin, often localized in the lumbar region. The lower body lift techniques allow to lift tissues thanks to the excision of the excess skin, but do not improve the projection and, on the contrary, flatten the gluteal region.

The Author performs the gluteopexy technique  with autologous increase of volume by dermo adipose island flaps.